High School Programming

Full-time Programming

Students that commit to full-time programming tend to have the highest course completion rates. These students are also eligible to achieve option credits. Full-time students are expected to meet weekly goals set in consultation with their teacher, are expected to follow the school timetable, and are held responsible for calling in if they are unable to attend.

Part-time Programming

In consultation with the principal, students that commit to part-time programming are expected to attend school on scheduled days. Many part-time students are employed and will commit to school in the mornings, afternoons or on their days off. Part-time students are expected to meet weekly goals set in consultation with their teacher, and are held responsible for calling in if they are unable to attend. While part-time programming offers a flexible schedule, it does not necessarily allow the students to achieve option credits.

Drop-in Programming

Drop-in students work from home, but are expected to make contact with the school on a regular basis. If teacher support is required, drop-in students must phone the school to arrange for a drop-in time to ensure seats are available.

Testing is administered at Avery Outreach School.

Course Offerings

English Language Arts

  • English A10
  • English B10
  • English A11
  • English B11
  • ELA 20
  • ELA 21
  • English A30 
  • English B30
  • English A31
  • English B31 


  • Electrical 10
  • Electrical 20
  • Electrical 30


  • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 10
  • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 20
  • Math: Workplace and Apprenticeship 30 (online)
  • Math: Foundations and Pre-calculus 10 (online)
  • Math: Foundations 20  (online)
  • Math: Foundations 30  (online)
  • Math: Pre-calculus 20  (online)
  • Math: Pre-calculus 30  (online)

Social Sciences

  • Native Studies 10
  • Native Studies 11
  • Native Studies 30 
  • Psychology 20
  • Psychology 30
  • Social Studies 30
  • Social Studies 31


  • Science 10
  • Science 11
  • Environmental Science 20
  • Environmental Science 21
  • Health Science 20 (
  • Physical Science 20 (
  • Biology 30 (online)
  • Chemistry 30 (online)

Physical Education

  • Wellness 10
  • PE 20
  • PE 30

Food Studies

  • Food Studies 10
  • Food Studies 30

Art (Semestered)

  • Art 10 
  • Art 20 
  • Art 30 


  • Life Transitions 20
  • Life Transitions 30
  • Job Safety 35


Graduating students of Avery Outreach School who meet the following criteria shall be eligible for this $1000 scholarship.



Is currently registered at Avery Outreach School and is a member of the current year’s graduating class at Avery Outreach School. 

At the time of the awarding of the scholarship, is enrolled full time in a post-secondary program of studies in a university, college, technical school or other recognized institution.


  • Academic achievement  
  • School and/or community involvement 
  • Personal qualities consistent with good citizenship and that demonstrate a well-rounded individual

If potential recipients are judged to be equally deserving of the scholarship, the scholarship shall be awarded to the applicant who has received less scholarship money. 

On or before May 31, the applicant shall provide the following documents for consideration of the Selection Committee: 

  • Completed application form (available at school office

Payment to the recipient will be issued upon proof of enrollment from the post-secondary institution.

Mail or deliver the completed application to: 

Synergy Credit Union Scholarship

℅ Avery Outreach School

4111 - 48 Avenue Lloydminster, SK  S9V 0V7