Avery SCC

Our School Community Council (SCC) is a group of parents, student s and community members working in partnership with school staff. Our SCC will be involved in a variety of activities that will take place in the school. These activities may include hot lunches, special events, volunteer opportunities , and other initiatives during the school year

Our SCC meetings are a great way to stay connected with the happenings of the school. The principal, a few staff members, and student representatives will be present! Lunch will be provided. Please let the school know if you are interested in attending (780-825-9088). We are looking forward to having a large number of parents join us!


SCCs are school-level advisory bodies that are required in every school. The Education Act, 1995 and The Education Regulations, 1986 provide a common, yet flexible, framework for all SCCs. UnderThe a thority of boards of education, SCCs have specific powers and duties. SCCs consist of elected members and appointed members.SCCs work with parents and community to develop shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth . They encourage and facilitate the involvement of youth, parents and the community in school planning and improvement processes.

Goal: To graduate students (to receive a grade 12 diploma) from the Province of Saskatchewan .

Vision: To foster interest and involvement with par ents and community members .

To build a sustainable group, who through engagement with staff and students, is able to enhance the student's learning experience.

If you are interested in being a part of our SCC, please feel free to contact Rob Merilees at 306-825-9088.